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"A few days ago POSTMODERN hit me up out of the blue asking if I was free that day and, if so, did I want to come to Brooklyn and make something? It was raining so we couldn't really shoot much outside. He suggested if I had a monologue he would be happy to put it on tape for me. I did not but I said yes anyway and that I'd figure out something for us to film. 

Mod and I talked a lot about the pandemic. What struck us was how it has affected, for both of us, our friendships and relationships with people in completely different ways. "Mal de Coucou" is the term for the feeling of having many people in your life, but few that you can actually share your feelings with. It's the feeling of loneliness that exists even with the knowledge that you have people in your life who love you. But do they know you? Do they understand you? This piece started out as ramblings in the back of an Uber, and became about a person desperate for connection, unaware that her desperation for others was playing a big part in her future isolation.


Mal de Coucou - Written, performed and Directed by Ashleen Rowan

Camera, DP and Editing by MODERN PRODUCTIONS 

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